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Punta Cana Airport Transfers

Make Your Arrival a breeze by booking Punta Cana Airport Transfer!

Why choose Punta Cana Airport Transfer (PCAT)?

  1. We have better rates than our competitors. Because of the high volume of Punta Cana Airport Transfers we perform, we are able to provide better deals for you.
  2. We have the newest vehicles in Punta Cana, period. As we work with only the top fleets on the island (those that have permits, licenses, and are registered businesses).
  3. Punta Cana Airport Transfer’s drivers go though initial and recurring training.
  4. We take safety very serious. That is why before you land you will have a picture of your driver, his name and cell phone number. We will also send you the car make, model, color and license plate numbers, so you and your party are confident when you are boarding one of our units.
  5. Meet & Greets and free drinks are standard!

About Punta Cana Transfer (PCAT)!

Punta Cana airport transfers and transportation for any vacation is an important part of any Dominican Republic vacation. It sets the mood for you entire trip. Many travelers spend a lot of time on the internet researching and looking over other companies for their transportation and vacation services. Travelers look for safety, trust, customer service and most importantly an experience when traveling.  You want to have a meet and greet, comfortable and safe transfers, bilingual drivers and it is always a plus when you can give to a local business. Punta Cana Airport Transfer (PCAT) gives you all the above. 

We conduct all the research for you, while setting high standards among local Dominican Republic transportation companies. 

Trust that you can book online and safely with Punta Cana Airport Transfer (PCAT) that provides you with certified Dominican Republic transportation companies.  

New Reliable Fleet

Our vehicles have scheduled maintenance checks at our mechanic centers that surpass industry standards.

Punta Cana Airport Transfer (PCAT)

Safety is #1

You may have heard of driving in the Dominican Republic. It can be at least interesting. We make sure to provide you with USA and International driving standards.

  • GPS and tracking systems for each and every vehicle.
  • In house trained employees and drivers.
  • SSL web and merchant services approved guarantee.
  • Regular scheduled vehicle safety checks above industry standards.

Punta Cana Airport Transfer (PCAT)

Luxury at Affordable Prices

When you touch down for a Dominican Republic vacation, you expect comfort and amenities. After all, it is your vacation that you have worked hard for. We include luxury amenities at standard prices.

  • Free Drinks
  • Free WiFi (let your loved ones know you have arrived)
  • Flight Tracker (this way you don't have to update us about your late arrival)
  • VIP Meet and Greet (your driver will be waiting on you, so you don't have to search for them)

You are Family!

We have a USA based service customer atmosphere. Our customers are our family! 

Start Your Vacation Right!


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