Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

The vehicle you receive for shuttle transfers and shared rides all depends on how many people will be taking the service. We have a large selection of vehicles. 


For Private Transfers you will choose the vehicle you want.


Our fleet consists of Small SUVs, Premium SUVs, Minivans, Large Premium Vans, Sprinters, Tour Busses, ect. 

Some of our models:
Hyundai Tucson – 2018
H1 Van: 2014-2018
Mercedes Sprinter: 2014-2018
Suburban: 2016-2018
Escalade: 2015-2018
H350: 2013-2018

After you land you will be guided to security, customs, immigration and baggage claim. We email you before you arrive (8-12 hours before) and our voucher will have details of where to meet your driver. They are easy to find holding a sign with your name on it. 

Also, in the arrival email you will receive a picture of the driver, his/her name, their phone number, and the vehicle license plate number. 

If you decide to not come on your trip, you have to inform us 48 hours before your service time. If your flight is delayed or changed, we have a flight tracker built into our booking system, so we are already aware and you do not have to tell us. If you do not tell us that your flight is cancelled or inform us if you have decided not to come, your transfer will be flagged as a “NO SHOW” and a refund will not be provided. 

If we are picking you up at the hotel or resort, please wait at the lobby. If there is more than one lobby, please inform us by email or phone. If we are picking you up at a location that is not a hotel or resort, please wait out by your main door or text your driver. You will have their cell phone number.  

We ask that you contact us to let us know, so we can keep a driver for you. 

Our system will automatically send you out a very detailed confirmation. You will also receive “help me” emails, travel best practice emails, and driver details emails. 

If you do not, it may be that your email account is blocking them. Please let us know so we can get you the information to another email. 

Absolutely, we are animal friendly. This includes exotic pets and domestic pets. 

If you are traveling with an exotic pet, please let us know. There may be an extra fee. 

This is extremely rare! However, if it does occur, please contact your driver by their phone number that you receive before arriving or our offices so we can guide you where to find them. 

We will accommodate your changes happily. Please send us an email or give us a call to update your transportation services and requests. 

Depending on your vehicle we ask that you have no more than 2 bags per person. This is a large suitcase, and carry on/purse. 

However, if you have more, we will accommodate by upgrading the vehicle. If you have a lot of luggage, there will be an extra fee. 


For large items, please let us know. They are abnormal luggage and there is a fee. 

Cancellation requests need to be made 48 hours before the service time. Other cancellations are subject to a full refund on the total amount paid for the reservation.

 Please note that in case of *NO SHOW you cannot claim the refund of the money.

*NO SHOW means that after a confirmed booking you never show up to your pick up at the airport or at the Hotel on the date or time listed on the reservation you made.

We have extensive security. 

Payments are processed using SSL encryption and your information will be stored in a secure system where your credit card information cannot be seen. Our agents can only see that you have a card on file and the last four digits. 

We also ask that you bring your ID and card that you make the booking with to verify your information. We do this as a courtesy to our clients. 

If you are booking for another traveler, we will ask that you send a picture of your ID to match the card by our secure email. 

Our company has been operating since 2006. We know all the tourist destinations in Dominican Republican and have MANY relationships with major hotel and resorts. Our employees receive extensive background checks.  Our website site has an Extended Validation Security Certificate SSL.


Yes we do, we charge USD$5.00 per trip. Please include them in your “details” section, before you enter your credit card information. Please make sure you include the age and approximate weight of your child.

You will be sharing a vehicle with other travelers. This allows you to keep you transportation costs low. 

We will drop each passenger(s) off at their designated dropoff locations?

We are glad you asked. It’s the best way to start your vacation that you sooooooo deserve!

A private transfer is where you do not have to wait on any other travelers. You do not share a vehicle. It is all your’s, and the best way to travel, VIP style!  

Each transfer comes with free water and soda. You can include alcohol for an extra charge. Sometimes, we have free beer as courtesy. 

As for WiFi, we provide it in our vehicles to travelers so they can update social media, check their calls and messages and touch base with family and friends at home! 

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